Working with me

management Aug 29, 2020

My Role

TL;DR: I am here to make sure our team is successful, happy, and working on the things that are most important to help our customers, improve our product and our business.

It is my job to:

  • Attract and retain world-class people like you
  • Manage and build well functional engineering teams
  • Set context and goals at any stage
If I do something that negatively impacts my ability to retain you, you would be doing me a huge favor if you let me know about it, as soon as possible
If I do something that feels more like telling you how to do your job than setting context, you'd be doing me a huge favor if you let me know about it, as soon as possible

My Goals

If I accomplish my goal it means that:

  • You feel empowered as a owner to figure out what you need to do and how you think it should be done and then to get it done
  • You have enough context to understand your priority and focus over the next quarter
  • You have built effective relationships with others in the company
  • You have a clear roadmap

How I do my job?

I am not an authoritarian or a readme manager. I do not want to micro manage anyone - it's not a good usage of my time, and yours.

My teams come first, the company comes second

Your success is ultimately my success. I am without doubt busy with meetings most of the time. If you need to chat - check my public calendar - no need to ask. If you can't find time, I will make time.

In short, the following 4 points sum up a large part of my management approach:

  1. Our relationship is an alliance. Transparency first
  2. Balance independence and coaching
  3. Improvement is a Priority
  4. Feedback is Critical - for everyone

How you do your job?

I expect you to operate with full ownership. I hired you because of your experience and skills, and I am not here to tell you how to do your job. I believe you are able to operate as a professional and make smart decisions.

I am here to provide you guidance and mentorship. When you need help, I expect you to not hesitate and ask for it. If you feel you made a mistake, just say it.


I'm a fan of bi-weekly 1o1s. We'll try to keep the times consistent so you can plan. By default, I will book us time to meet for 30 minutes every two weeks. Feel free to book this time with no guilt.

  • 1o1s are for you
  • 1o1s is the most important meeting to me because it's a dedicated space for you to talk about anything and everything you want
  • 1o1s are not for status updates unless you want to update status
  • 1o1s are flexible - they can shift and change to fit around our shifting schedules
  • we'll do a career session at some point in our first few months of working together - your history, your choices present - future - past. These help me know where you are in terms of personal development interests and ambition with respect to longer term plans.
Urgent matters should not wait for a 1o1s


I am a strong believer of Radical Candor. I want to ensure that you are receiving honest and actionable feedback on a consistent basis. I will provide you with feedback and guidance to the best of my ability, and will do my best to ensure that you understand the feedback that I provide to you. I will always ensure that feedback is given in a private setting.

Personality quirks

  • I'm a GTD person. read more here. I take action items really seriously and I expect you to know what yours are, when they are due, and get them done.
  • I love honesty. Be franck and direct with me.
  • I'm very collaborative which means I like to discuss decisions and options and whiteboard big stuff in a group. I will rarely get stuck in one position or option.
  • Add me to emails, slack channels or documents that might be helpful for me to see as a way to understand the team and day to day work. I like to know what's going on with you and your team.
  • I like data and dashboards but I dislike being bogged down in data and torturing the numbers.
  • I like meetings with a predefined agenda and a result with a meeting summary.
  • If you're in a meeting, you should be in the meeting, not in your laptop or cell phone.
  • I don't value "hope" as a good plan. Hope is not a strategy
  • I don't value "I don't know" as a good answer.
  • I often work at indecent hours, I don't expect you to answer at those hours.
  • Family comes first. Always!

By the way, I'm often overly generous with my time and say yes too often. If you see this, please flag it to me. Help keep me honest.

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